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Emmanuel Rosario

Welcome! My name is Emmanuel Rosario, and I am the founder and owner of “Presence of Eden” and “Levantate Y Ora”! I was blessed enough to preach, heal, and motivate people all around the world.  

The purpose of this website is to bring you closer to God and introduce you to the mystical properties of herbs that were created by God. Every herb has a medicinal purpose, and serves as a blessing to our body and temple of the Holy Spirit.  

The knowledge and practice of herbal healing  is part of my family heritage, and was inherited to me from my mother.  As a God servant, I feel responsible to share my knowledge with you and receive God’s divine power through plant based creation. 

I have been preaching since my teens, and have been an Evangelist since 2005. Since that time, I have been widely known for my practical and dynamic healing style through prayers, which have been helping millions of people to regain their strength and motivation to life.  My main focus was always to guide people to come to God and find their unique purpose.  

In 2015, after being clinically dead for three days, God has changed my “life-journey” to a new path. Out of body experience has taken me to a new sense of direction, and opened my vision to a newer and deeper perspectives on life.  My new meaning of life is now devoted to keep the temple of the HolySpirit in harmony with the nature of God. Herbal medicine is a plant-based God’s creation, that benefited millions of people since the world inception, and I am positive that it will bring significant-positive changes to your life as well.

As a preacher for my personal YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook, I am always here to help, motivate and heal you!    

Thank you for visiting my website and May God bless you always in every aspect of your life! 

Kind Regars,

Emanuel Rosario.