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  1. Since I started the 20 day detox My pressure has been lowered quite a bit. I feel focused and I even lost a few pounds so far.

    1. I have started on the immune support. It taste really good. My husband says it taste like grape juice. I take 1 spoonful a day. Every time I take it like I feel a full breath of air come in. Lately I have been having a sore throat like it wants to give me a cold and I take it and it goes away.

      Now I also been taking the hydro peroxide and I have been noticing a change on my ph balance. Which is why I bought it because I could not get it to balance and this has helped a lot. So if ladies your looking for getting your ph balance try it out. At first I was scared but I didn’t see any symptoms except I’ve been really thirsty and helps me drink water everyday. Which is probably why I’ve been losing weight. Lost 6 pounds in three weeks.

      I’m currently taking the cream. O.M.G !!! If you have large pores this is your cream!!! Or rosacea! I have both!! And I’ve been taking many cream from the drug store to high end products like Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Lancôme, esta lauder, Clinique. I’ve also gone to a dermatologist and gave me products that only lasted a month and came back worse on my skin. The size is pretty good for the price he’s selling it! I will be continuing buying from him! Thank you Emmanuel. This has been a long await response because I wanted to give a month before putting my results.

  2. I have tried a lot of diets over the years and tried to improve my health. This is the best thing I have done for Myself. This stuff actually works, makes me feels good and is helping with cleaning my body from toxins. I have energy and I feel better. Emmanuel is there every step of the way when you have questions and concerns. I will definitely buy his products for the rest of my life! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me with everything!

  3. Well I love the way the peroxide makes me feel I have more energy so if I miss a day I can sure feel the difference I’ve also made the hair jel and that is the bomb !!! It doesn’t make your hair greasy love it .. I’m so blessed to have found u in helping all of us stay healthy… u are a blessing !!!….so ty from the bottom of my heart❤️ for your knowledge and guidance

  4. I’m taking it day to day. I have energy, then I’m tired. I have lost most of my cravings for any food. I only eat when I’m hungry now and I don’t have to eat much. I only have immune tea left. I have dropped a total 13 pounds so far. I feel good. I’m not foggy brained like I was and I look forward to eating healthy after this and getting to a healthy weight. Thank you! I feel like I’m slowly getting my life back!

  5. I did the detox tea , pills and immune tea , I been feeling better I have a autoimmune immune illness, my inflammation has gone down also I have a lot more mobility on my arms and fingers I couldn’t move them also I been sleeping like a baby. I was having brain fog all that is gone I been on the detox for two weeks. Love this product I will recommend it if you want your health back.

  6. I am currently doing the detox and immune teas. I have come along way with it. This is the best thing I have done for myself. I am sleeping better, anxiety is better, I don’t have brain fog, I go to the bathroom regularly, candida is so much better, my skin looks better, and I feel great! I am ordering the extract next and other products when Emmanuel has them ready! I have never bought something from a website that actually works 100% until now. This is the real stuff, so if you are thinking about ordering do it, you won’t be sorry.

  7. I’ve had high blood pressure for about 6 yrs. I decided to try the detox and happy to say I’m haven’t been taking my blood pressure meds and my blood pressure has not been this low for years. I’m finally in normal range without meds. There was a time I was on 2 different BP meds. I’m done with pharmaceutical drugs. God gave us everything we need to heal ourselves within the earth he created.

  8. I did 10 days of fasting (all water, teas and the juice). I really feel my body got the reset it needed – my heartburn is still completely gone (even days after ending the fast), my brain fog has gone away, and my prostate issue has been non existent since taking the prostate support… an issue, might I add, doctors told me there would be no cure for. Will definitely plan on making a 10 day fast a regular part of my life, just need to figure out how often I can realistically do it with my work schedule.

  9. Just wanted to share my Great news. I went to my oncologist today and had bloodwork done. I have been struggling with a fatty liver causing my liver enzymes to be really high. In April was my last bloodwork and AST was 97 and now at 47 And ALT went from 174 to 77. Dropped more than half and almost in normal range!!! This is something I had been working on since I finished chemo and my numbers kept climbing every visit. My doctor says what are you doing. I told her taking the holistic approach with teas, seamoss, fasting and eating foods with a purpose. She says well that fine and all but just don’t go over board with the natural thing because there’s no evidence to back it. Ummm ok lol I am proof. She asks if I have been taking my Blood Pressure medication and I told her I stopped because I no longer needed it. I check my BP every night and it’s been perfect since I stopped. It feels good to take control over my own health and doing it with what God put on this earth for us to utilize. All natural God’s way. I give God all the Glory. And Thank him for connecting me to the right people.

    1. Thank you for your testimony, glory to God, I am so happy and excited to hear this news. God bless you always.

    2. That’s amazing Brenda! I am not surprised by your doctor’s words. Many doctors have said the same to me. They are wrong! We know better. AMEN.

  10. Ever since I started to follow Emanuel’s instructions regarding my health, my life has turned 360 degrees in the positive way! Emanuel ‘s prayers and teachings have helped me find the purpose in life, regain my self-confidence and get closer to God! Every morning I wake up with the smile on my face and can’t wait for a day to begin! Thank you Mr. Emanuel for your help, love and support! I have never seen a better healer than you are!!!

  11. I been using this cream on my arms I have been dealing with itchiness for two years since the moment I received this cream I been applying it 3-4 times a day my itching is gone also I been using it on my face at night time only I used to get little red dots on my cheeks and nose this cream have clear my skin. I’m so thankful!!

  12. I’m so happy I received my full body support and intestinal extract today me and my son been taking full body support already for the las 3 months I have noticed on my son he used to have some acne on his face now his face is so clear, also I noticed on my self I used to get tired and used to nap once a day since I been taking full body treatment all that is gone I sleep really good at night and my fatigue is gone. Thank you so much Emanuel for helping us feel healthier 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  13. Update on intestinal support and full body detox, I started to drink it on November 18th For the first 6 days I noticed I was having night sweats, runny nose even my ear there were like water coming out I had to be cleaning my ears minimum 4 times a day. I have an autoimmune illness in which all my body and joints are in pain all the time, I noticed a week ago I have no pain at all my skin is so clear and I have been sleeping so good.

  14. I’m so grateful for the detox package!! It helped me sleep better!! Have more energy in the day! I can’t wait till what the futures hold getting further in!! I’m excited to get back my health! Thank you so much! God bless!!!

  15. I’ve been strugglinge with stomach issues for years. So I decided to purchase the full body detox and intestinal support. It’s given me more energy. I no longer get hearburn or headaches every week. I sleep better at night. It’s improved my health overall. I’ve already recommened to a family member and they also see an improvement with their health. 100% worth the try!!!

  16. I spoke to Emmanuel Rosario a few months ago. He recommended some herbs for my stomach that work well. Emmanuel is very passionate about his work, he is very patient and took the time to listen to my concerns. He is very knowledgeable about the products he sells.

  17. I have been taking the Full Body Support and the Intestinal Support – I have been taking both for 4 days now (both 3 times a day) – Previous to taking this I was experiencing EXTREME pain in my stomach (bloating and gas) when I ate – since I have been taking these products – I have no more pain, gas or bloating! Emmanuel I can’t thank you enough for the work you do to help people. I am forever grateful to you!

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