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    If you are experiencing hair loss or would like to have healthy hair, in this following blog i am gonna show you what i been using for years.

I’m gonna teach you how to make a hair gel for hair grow and to improve your scalp circulation and also to make your hair curly, so if you are a person that you’d want to have your hair curly when you go out or you want something to hold your hair or to strengthen your hair this is it right here.

  You’re gonna need flaxseed make sure is the dark one, if you can’t find the dark one then use the light one.

 Buy fresh rosemary is really good for hair growth and to strengthen the hair. 

  You also going to need tea tree oil, you can buy it in vitamin shop.  

    Cayenne pepper oil is really important for the circulation of the scalp.

  Peppermint oil, also for circulation and to kill bugs and fungus.

  All these three oils will help preserve it for about two to three weeks in the refrigerator.

  Start by boiling water with rosemary for about 15 minutes don’t put the heat to high you will kill the benefits of the rosemary. Then add like one cup of flaxseed and let it boil till you see a white foam coming out, and that when you move it you see that is like a gel. Keep in mind that flaxseed is also a good fiber to lubricate your digestive system. 

   After is done boiling make sure you filter right away it has to be right away because if you don’t do it right away it could be too thick to be filtered. Use this every day is best after you shower and your hair is dry. God bless 

                                                  Emmanuel Rosario

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Welcome! My name is Emmanuel Rosario, and I am the founder and owner of “Presence of Eden” and “Levantate Y Ora”! I was blessed enough to preach, heal, and motivate people all around the world. The purpose of this website is to bring you closer to God and introduce you to the mystical properties of herbs that were created by God. Every herb has a medicinal purpose and serves as a blessing to our body and temple of the Holy Spirit.

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  1. If you have any questions or have trouble making the hair growth gel please leave a comment thank you and God bless.
    Emmanuel Rosario

    1. So after we shower and dry out hair then we put the jel on do we wash it out in the morning?

      1. Hey, you can use it in the morning to go out as a hair gel. you can sleep with it because it dries out. I have to upgrade to this post for more information that I have.

    1. Yes, all types of hair. It will make your hair more curly and stronger, make sure you massage your scalp while you are putting it. if you are using it for hair growth add enough cayenne oil that when you put it on your scalp you feel that it burns just a little bit not much. if it doesn’t burn you can add after is done inside the bottle and shake it really good.

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  2. People are oblivious to the fact that fast hair growth scalp therapy shampoos (obviously with no sulfates, no parabens or DEA) exist. People can now possess longer hair and experience more possibilities. For sure worth considering.

    If you’re discussing hair loss, hair damage, avoiding hair disorders, fast hair growth, hair care more often than not, similar ideas become relevant.

    As a rule of thumb, you will want to avoid hair products and treatments that contain chemicals like parabens, DEA and sulfates.

    What is beneficial for your hair is beneficial for your skin also.

    For obvious reasons your content on this page hits the nail in the head for multiple reasons. It stays away from the common errors and traps too many fall into: using defective alternatives. Keep it up!

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