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Join us on 20 days fasting detox

20 Days fasting Detox

There are MILLION different diets out there, and everyone says: theirs is the best. But at the end they feel like NOTHING has worked as a long-term.

You’ve been trying to gain back your health and lose weight for so long, but nothing seems to be working, and you just can’t to figure out what stopping you achieving your goals.


I’m taking it day to day. I have energy, then I’m tired. I have lost most of my cravings for any food. I only eat when I’m hungry now and I don’t have to eat much. I only have immune tea left. I have dropped a total 13 pounds so far. I feel good. I’m not foggy brained like I was and I look forward to eating healthy after this and getting to a healthy weight. Thank you! I feel like I’m slowly getting my life back!
Helen Suggs

you feel like you’re at the edge of giving up. But if you’re reading this page right now, the good news is that you HAVEN’T given up yet. You’re still here and you’re still trying. And I am here to help you!


You can and you will get back your health and lose the weight. I Guarantee it as long as you do your part.    

Your diet will be based on alkaline food that will help your body detox, nutrient intake and lose the extra weight.

Alkaline food 

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ScallionScallions Vs. Green Onions - Tastessence 

I have tried a lot of diets over the years and tried to improve my health. This is the best thing I have done for Myself. This stuff actually works, makes me feels good and is helping with cleaning my body from toxins. I have energy and I feel better. Emmanuel is there every step of the way when you have questions and concerns. I will definitely buy his products for the rest of my life! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me with everything!
Christy Crenshaw

Get ready to discover dieting that doesn’t feel like a “diet.” Instead of starving yourself of foods you love, you’re about to learn how to cleanse the body and lose fat based on your own personal goals.


Today, I will to talk about the second leading cause of death after heart disease, cancer. What is cancer and how does it develop?

Cancer can start almost anywhere in the human body. It is made up of trillions of cells. Normally, human cells grow and multiply (through a process called cell division) to form new cells as the body needs them. When cells grow old or become damaged, they die, and new cells take their place.

When a cell becomes damaged and your body does not flush that cell out, these cells start to grow into a tumor and turn into a cancer cell. These cancer cells start to disrupt the organs functions, destroy healthy organs’ cells by blocking the nutrients and oxygen supply, and allow waste products to build up in the body.

    It is important to note that bad cells, cancer, viruses, and fungus are lovers of acid food or junk food.  This type of food has no nutrients in it, no life, in other words, it is a dead food or what I call it a poisonous food. 

The biggest problem is that most people that suffer from cancer, do not try to change their lifestyle.  They just dedicate their lives to the hands of the doctors who puts patients on radiation and chemo therapies.  These therapies have high risk of early and late side effects. In addition, these patients being prescribed medications that are poisonous to the body. So, what happens to the body once it is filled with chemicals? It slowly dies.

The sad part is that all these therapies and medications administered and suggested by the doctors and scientists are killing good cells as well as the bad cells.

Cancer patients should always be advised that keep eating sugar, rice, processed food and bad carbs, will destroy the body in the long run, no matter how many therapies or medications they will receive from the doctors.  These foods are the biggest promoters of cancer cells and they suck out nutrients and minerals from the body. Moreover, bad carbs or starch which are called carbohydrates are broken down by the body into sugar, enters the blood stream and starts poisoning human organs.

    If you want to have a healthy body, if you want to fight off cancer, then it’s important to eliminate all junk food from your daily routine, feed your body with nutrients and oxygen, and have digestive clean-up. Digestive clean-up will help clean up your guts, stomach and blood, and consequently rejuvenate your immune cells.  No disease can live in the strong and healthy body. Only the healthy body can fight off cancer.    

I have made a natural medicine named “Full Body Detox.” It has 102 minerals, propolis, and 13 herbs. These herbs provide complete body clean including the blood, liver, pancreas.  Besides, these herbs bind toxins and eliminate wasted from your body. As a holistic health coach, I believe that in order to get healed, all elements such as Body, Mind, and Soul must be cleaned and in unity. Once these elements are cleaned and unified, your body can fight off any disease out there.

If you just concentrated on healing one part of the body, for example kidneys, and leave the rest of the body as it is, within a time kidney will get damaged again, because of contamination from other parts of the body.  

   It is possible to reverse any disease, however, any healing requires devotion and consistency towards changes, which includes right nutrients, medicine and eating healthy.  Most things that you believe that are healthy, in reality are not, it has been genetically modified, and you also need professional guidance. 


                                                          Author: Emmanuel Rosario

Hair growth

    If you are experiencing hair loss or would like to have healthy hair, in this following blog i am gonna show you what i been using for years.

I’m gonna teach you how to make a hair gel for hair grow and to improve your scalp circulation and also to make your hair curly, so if you are a person that you’d want to have your hair curly when you go out or you want something to hold your hair or to strengthen your hair this is it right here.

  You’re gonna need flaxseed make sure is the dark one, if you can’t find the dark one then use the light one.

 Buy fresh rosemary is really good for hair growth and to strengthen the hair. 

  You also going to need tea tree oil, you can buy it in vitamin shop.  

    Cayenne pepper oil is really important for the circulation of the scalp.

  Peppermint oil, also for circulation and to kill bugs and fungus.

  All these three oils will help preserve it for about two to three weeks in the refrigerator.

  Start by boiling water with rosemary for about 15 minutes don’t put the heat to high you will kill the benefits of the rosemary. Then add like one cup of flaxseed and let it boil till you see a white foam coming out, and that when you move it you see that is like a gel. Keep in mind that flaxseed is also a good fiber to lubricate your digestive system. 

   After is done boiling make sure you filter right away it has to be right away because if you don’t do it right away it could be too thick to be filtered. Use this every day is best after you shower and your hair is dry. God bless 

                                                  Emmanuel Rosario

Juice for high blood pressure

    This is a way to make a healthy juice to maintain active health and circulation.

   In this video, I will show you how to prepare a natural juice without sugar because most juices when you add too much fruit you are adding a lot of sugar even if it is natural fruit.

 Especially if you have infection or bacteria you have to eliminate the sugar even if it is natural because of bacteria and diseases such as cancer feed from sugar and carbohydrate.

  To make this juice use two organic green apples make sure that it is green, use a orange make sure it is an orange or a red apple, not both because you are putting too much sugar, I will use three pieces of celery because celery has natural salt that is a mineral, use a cucumber and ginger for circulation and high pressure.

   If you have high blood pressure, drink this juice three times a day If you can, or every time the pressure goes up, make sure you put enough ginger, make sure that you feel the spice of ginger a little if you don’t it mean that it is not enough ginger. Make sure that you clean the fruit or vegetable with baking soda and vinegar, or peel it because the toxic or chemical they throw to preserve it contaminates the body, today we live sicker it is not only because The medicine we are taking is also toxic that is in the food we eat.

                                                                                                      Emmanuel Rosario